Ruzich LVAD Vest
"As an engineer I look at things quite objectively.  The VADVEST is far superior to anything I have tried or read about.  I have read of many conversions of back packs, fishing vests, ammo carriers, and other containers to accommodate the batteries - none compare favorably!  An added benefit is that working with Maria was a pleasure.  She began making the vest for a very close relative who passed away.  She has dedicated herself to assisting LVAD patients with custom fitted vests of great quality.  She is a pleasure to work with and was not satisfied until I was satisfied with my original 3 (now 4 vests).  I gave her a couple of suggestions and she quickley incorporated my desires.  At a LVAD support group  meeting
one young man was very obviously suprised when I unbuttoned the vest revealing the batteries and controller.  He ordered a VADVEST the same day."
Joe - Mahomet, Illinois

"Is there such a word as 'perfection'?  The vest is great.  My wife REALLY likes the tail.  Everthing else works fine."
Jim - Fort Wayne, Indiana

"I walked a half mile just now and it felt great.  I am playing golf on Oct. 19 in a charity event and I don't think I could without your product."
Paul - Chicago,  Illinois

Thanks Maria.  I got the black vest by USPS today.  It fits and feels great -- all that I expected.  Centering the controller, rather than wearing it to one side, certaintly makes lugging around the peripherals easier."
Robert - Chicago, Illinois

"I wore my vest to the heart failure clinic last Friday and showed it off to the nurses and 5 LVAD patients.  Everyone was so impressed with the style and quality."
Jeff - Canton, Georgia

"I recieved the vest in the mail yesterday.  It fits me well.  Already it has made a big difference.  It's much more comfortable than my old way of coping with this extra weight we folks have to carry with us."
Peter - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"Maria, you have performed a wonderful service for those of us who need an LVAD to survive; you have made that comfortable and better looking.
Warren - Hoschton, Georgia

"We recieved the vest yesterday and it is beautiful.  My dad loves it and says it makes things so much better for him already.  I can't thank you enough for doing this for people out there."
Enrica - Pennington, New Jersey
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